About us

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[et_braket_simple font_size=”24″ line_height=”32″ text=”It is important to know whom you are dealing with when you trust your cargo to us. So read on: this is CALIBRE FREIGHT Logistics, this is how we think, and this is how we move.”][et_gap]

At “Calibre Freight”

we pride ourselves on our capacity to give shippers,

both substantial and little,with an arrangement of administration
intended to deal with their complex and regularly changing supply
chain. we are non resource based logistic service provider with
headquartered in Ahmedabad-India with access to one of the world

biggest systems of Air and Road Transportation bearers.

notwithstanding our transportation capacities, calibre freight has

system of distribution center deliberately situated in key industrial areas
with joined impression in excess of 50 thousand square feet within west

India, we can meet client stockpilling and satisfaction need. our

administration are intended to transport and oversee stock as per your

business necessities while accomplishing speed,exactness and
adaptability required in the present unique supply chain.

  • Road transport
  • Air fright
  • Logistic solutions
  • Industry solutions